I’m an independent journalist based in Chicago but I spend a lot of time on the road. In the past year I’ve been on the ground reporting in Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa and Pennsylvania, to name a few.

Every so often I hang out in Deep Ellum, Texas, where my girlfriend lives.

Most of my stories revolve around the criminal justice system, law enforcement and crime. I have covered American death in one form or another across the country for the last five years. 

You can find my work at The Daily Beast, Esquire, The Guardian and VICE, among others. 

I can be reached at justin.glawe@gmail.com or on Signal at 05 7a 3d d2 ff 5a 8a d8 19 99 51 24 bb b4 6a a2 38 a2 32 24 17 c2 cf e5 b8 e1 65 f9 48 18 a4 4d 0a.